Saturday , 24 September 2022

Rug for the Nursery Room, Free Patterns

Crocheted rugs are a great way to add warmth and softness to the floor in any room, but particularly in the nursery. They are great, because they occupy a certain spot without blocking up the whole floor. In addition to their functionality, they are also a great visual accent, especially in an otherwise straight-edged and simple modern interior. Mandala Floor ... Read More »


Good day Everyone!!! Today we would like to talk about very interesting project. The video lesson is about how to make easy and fast coat for a baby girl, which we hope you will like and master easily. This beautiful coat will be the best addition to your baby’s wardrobe. Besides of its fashionable design it is also very practical ... Read More »


Good day dear readers!!! Today we have another great surprise for you  and you will learn  how to create double breasted baby girl coat. We hope you will like and master easily. This beautiful coat will be the best addition to your child’s wardrobe. Besides of its stylish design it is also very practical and lightweight. It will highlight your ... Read More »

Seashell Bag Free Crochet Patterns

We did seashell carpets, here are seashell bags While it’s not every day that you can Segway from carpets to clothing accessories, I say why not? After all, if it is a feel-good thing to bring the seaside home, it’ll certainly be great to take it out on the town. So, here we have some ideas based on a crochet ... Read More »

Mini Dresses Potholders and Decororations

Clothing can be an inspiration for small decorative or symbolic projects. Here are some ideas for using a classic dress shape to make little decorative, and sometimes functional nicknacks. Mini Dresses Free Crochet Pattern These mini dresses with their little hangers are absolutely adorable, and will be great to decorate a mobile or a wall diorama. They’d be great for ... Read More »

Dress Potholder Free Crochet Patterns

Potholders are just that: a thick cloth item to stop you from burning your hands when you lift a hot pot. That’s the ho-hum mundane version. We, crocheters, know that a pot holder can be so much more than that; That they can be a key piece of decoration for your kitchen as well. Here are some ideas. Dress Potholder ... Read More »

Camomile Potholder Free Crochet Patterns

The Camomile plant is not only a useful plant with medicinal and cosmetic properties, and a tasty tea but also a beautiful motif for decorating other projects. Whether you do it in the classic yellow center and white petal configuration, or you go creative with the colors, it’s sure to be a beautiful, hand or both crocheted piece. Camomile Pot ... Read More »

Handy Zipper Pouches Free Crochet Patterns

Crochet pouches are loved by many, especially because they are very useful in many situations. They are also quite easy to make! We have presented earlier many ideas for these small bags, but today’s collection is a bit different. All of today’s projects have zippers for additional protection, and often also have lining. All of these elements are sewn together, ... Read More »

Quick Baby Jacket Free Crochet Patterns

Babies grow so fast, they outgrow their wardrobe in months or weeks even. Two conditions a set of baby clothes should meet is that they be cheap and easy. Here are some projects that don’t require a lot of fancy yarns and that use simple stitches to work up quickly. baby may need a new pair of shoes, but baby ... Read More »

Adorable Baby Clothes Free Crochet Patterns

Pink Single Crochet Baby Sweater Free Pattern Baby clothes are definitely among my most favorite kinds of patterns. Especially when they come in sets! They make for perfect presents for baby showers and toddler’s or newborn’s birthday parties then. If you have adorable little bundles of joy in your family, you will certainly be thrilled to see this collection of Cute ... Read More »