Saturday , 24 September 2022


Welcome everyone to your free embroidery page !!! Where you will learn every day new stitches, patterns, ideas and especially tricks to embroider beautiful works. Learning to embroider is not as difficult as you might think! With a little practice, you get it anytime.

In addition, embroidery is a beautiful and relaxing activity that you can do after a long day if you are a lover of embroidery, while you watch television or listen to your favorite playlist, (most of my nights are doing embroidery!).

Today I will teach you how to embroider Fantasy Flower Stitch for Beginners step by step, pay attention to the class you can also take notes on a sheet, relax, grab your materials and let’s start embroidering !!

Use white cotton fabric. White 100% cotton fabric is a good choice because it is easy to put a needle through it. You can use a fabric in another color as long as it is made of cotton. You may want to cut your fabric into 15-inch (38-cm) or 8-by-8-inch (20 x 20 cm) squares to make them smaller and easier to work with.

Here I share the video tutorial for today’s class so that you can do the embroidery at once.

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