Saturday , 24 September 2022

Mini Dresses Potholders and Decororations

Clothing can be an inspiration for small decorative or symbolic projects. Here are some ideas for using a classic dress shape to make little decorative, and sometimes functional nicknacks.

Mini Dresses Free Crochet Pattern

These mini dresses with their little hangers are absolutely adorable, and will be great to decorate a mobile or a wall diorama. They’d be great for livening up a storefront as well. Of course, they could also grace a doll house as well, and they’d be equally at home there too. This is an easy pattern to crochet and the hangers are a cinch. With the endless color possibilities, these are a great way to make something purely decorative and fun A link to free patterns is under the photos.

Go to the pattern: Mini Dresses

Dress Potholder Free Crochet Pattern

This cute miniature dress with a hanging loop is a beautiful, functional little doodad, but is also a wonderful piece of eye-candy that wi match any kitchen. You can make these little beauties in just about any color, and with any pattern of color bands. They’re a great little project for making little additions to housewarming gifts or just for using up yarn ends.

Go to the pattern: Dress Potholder

Vintage Dress Potholder Free Video Tutorial

In a slightly more classic vein, here are some vintage dress-inspired potholders to really spruce up a kitchen with. They look almost like little angels! A link the free pattern is at the end of the post. 

Go to the tutorial

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